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Soon, we will pay with our personal information instead of money when shopping online

BehaviourExchange is a digital platform that promises to change the way we use the Internet. In short: the system uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze a broad array of Big Data, which enables it to ‘recognize’ visitors by their profile the moment they enter a website. The website can then automatically adjust its content to suit each visitors characteristics, needs and wishes.

Data is the currency of the future

Unlike some social networking platforms (Facebook, we’re talking about you) who abuse their access to users’ personal information for one-sided gains, BehaviourExchange believes in transparency, data protection and fair distribution of profits among all stakeholders in the system, which can only be achieved with a utility token economy and a decentralized Blockchain database.

So how does it work?


As illustrated in the video above, web users are rewarded with BEX tokens for sharing information with the system after activating their account. The BehaviourExchange system uses that information to attribute a personal profile to them. That particular profile enables websites included in the vast BehaviourExchange network to personalize their content to each visitor in real time – which is a service very useful for marketing and the media.


Advertisers pay for the personalization of promotions and offerings with BEX tokens at discounts. In addition, online shops who also use the personalization service offer their products to you and me at special BEX discounts. Marketers and online businesses save money they would otherwise spend on ill-targeted advertising campaigns and web users see less ads and irrelevant content while getting paid for browsing and shopping. This is why BehaviourExchange is a win-win solution for the Internet of tomorrow.

Find out more about the BehaviourExchange project and the ICO at the official website


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