ALTINDEX – the index fund that wants to shake the traditional market


On its website they say “We take the old financial market and we remodelled it thinking about the future” that is, they try to renew the financial market, leave behind the old economic power, but what does ALTINDEX plan to do that can scare the current economic power?

Simple, one of the star factors of conventional financial products are the investment index funds, ALTINDEX aims to implement an investment index fund that collects the 20 best tokens in the market in capitalization, which makes it a reliable product to invest in the long term. Term, that is, an investment fund for those people who do not want a high risk but a large exposure to the market of cryptocurrencies, and that is what really annoys the banks.

It is presented as a mature project, with clear ideas, an index fund based on Ethereum, an ERC20 platform and a token that in turn acts as an index, called ADEX.

ADEX is the symbol of ALTINDEX, as they explain in their promotional video.

The presale is pre-sold for May 4, 2018, in which, ADEX will have a price of 0.90 USD per unit, the final price of the ICO will be 1.15 USD. Something that is surprising is the distribution of said token, since 90% will go to the participants of the ICO.

The low cost in annual fees of 0.5% compared to 3% in the conventional market is another issue that bothers this type of organization.

Are we facing the end of conventional investment index funds?

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