The Verge System was Hacked in the Second Time for the Last Two Months, Losing About 1.4 Million Dollars


The anonymous altcoin Verge (XVG) has again suffered from the attack of hackers. Within a few hours, about 35 million XVGs were stolen from the company’s accounts. This was reported by The Next Web on May 22.

On May 21, in its Twitter account, the company reported that its mining pools were subjected to a DDOS attack and reported that the company’s employees are actively working to resolve the current problem.

At the moment, the coin’s value is about 0.041 dollars, which means that the company’s losses are about 1.4 million dollars.

Token, also, was attacked in hacking in April this year. Then about 250,000 pounds sterling were stolen from the company’s accounts, after which the coin lost about 25%. Then the problem with burglary was solved by installing a hard plug. The company’s Twitter account was also compromised in March of this year when scammers published a message that the company was distributing tokens.

OCMiner, reporting earlier attacks on Verge, once again pointed to the vulnerability of the Verge system. He noted that since the company did not take any serious actions after the past attacks, having changed only one line of code, scammers now use two lines to access the company’s accounts.

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