Recent Studies Revealed High Level of Activity of Cryptojackers in Brazil


On October 8, the Iranian state cybersecurity agency reported on the recorded activity of cryptojacking software. According to the data, the activity of the Coinhive software was recorded in Brazil.

According to a report by Iranian experts, Brazil is the region with the highest level of activity of cryptojackers. The report says that 81,000 cases of illegal activities using malicious software were reported in Brazil. India ranks second (29,000), Indonesia – third place (23,000), Iran – fourth place (11,000).

Coinhive is a malware extraction tool for Monero (XMR). The software allows attackers to gain access to users’ equipment and extract cryptocurrency with it.

According to the latest research, about 300 websites around the world contain malware and can infect the equipment of users who have visited a web page.

The authors of the report assure:

 “It is expected to be one of the security challenges in years to come.”

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