McAfee Labs Announced Emergence Of New Malicious Software For Cryptocurrency Extraction


The company McAfee Labs, dealing with Internet security, announced the emergence of new malicious software that allows attackers to use the equipment of users for the extraction of Monero (XMR). The message was published in the official blog of the company on November 12.

Malicious software “WebCobra”, developed in Russia, is a program that allows you to secretly use the maximum power of the user equipment for mining.

It is worth noting that such software, as a rule, leaves traces and is easy to detect, while WebCobra works almost imperceptibly and is almost impossible to detect. According to McAfee Labs, the only indicator that allows you to identify new malware is the decrease in device performance. In a published statement reported:

“Coin mining malware is difficult to detect. Once a machine is compromised, a malicious app runs silently in the background with just one sign: performance degradation. As the malware increases power consumption, the machine slows down, leaving the owner with a headache and an unwelcome bill.”

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