Malicious Software Captured 500,000 PCs for Monero Production


May 18 edition of Financial Magnates reported that malware was used to capture 500,000 computers, with which it was extracted 133 coins Monero (XMR) for three days. It is worth noting that 133 XMR is equal to 25 000 dollars.

According to data provided by Cyber Security 360 Total Security on May 16, the WinstarNssmMiner software presents a special danger to users, as it can use a PC to extract cryptocurrency or destroy equipment, depending on the desire of the hacker.

It is worth noting that such software, which makes it possible to extract cryptocurrency with the help of someone else’s equipment, has become especially popular. The number of such attacks increased significantly in 2018. According to Microsoft, the company identified 644 000 infected devices within 4 months.

Cyber Security 360 Total Security noted that the uniqueness of WinstarNssmMiner lies precisely in the fact that it cannot only illegally use someone else’s equipment, but also harm it:

“This malware is very hard to remove since victims’ computers crash as soon as they found and terminate the malware.”

Also, Cyber Security 360 Total Security noted that the reason for this problem is a negligent attitude towards anti-virus programs like Avast or Kaspersky, which can deactivate malicious software.

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