TrustNodes Reported that Volumes of ICO on the basis of Ethereum Significantly Grew in September


As studies conducted by TrustNodes show, from the beginning of September ICO projects based on Ethereum (ETH) attracted three times as much investment as last month. These studies were published on September 13.

As the data show, during the first 10 days of September, 160,000 Ethereum tokens were sold, which equates to $ 33 million in accordance with the price index in September. More than half of the coins were sold until September 4, after which the sales volumes fell significantly.

According to the data, in August, ETH sales through the ICO amounted to 1,000-5,000 coins a day, reaching a figure of 10,000 coins per month. In September, the daily sales of coins reached 10,000 per day.

TrustNodes reported that the total sales of Ethereum through the ICO reached a mark of 239,000 (almost 60 million dollars) of coins for 30 days.

Referring to Santiment data, TrustNodes reported that the largest amount of investment from the sale of ETH was received by the Digix ICO project. As the data of CoinMarketCap shows, Digix attracted about 150 000 million dollars, which significantly exceeds the market capitalization of the coin of the project.

It is worth noting that the ICO based on Ethereum is considered the main reason for the decline in the value of the coin. This is due to the fact that many projects seek to withdraw funds as quickly as possible, fearing a fall in the value of the coin.

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