Ethereum Announced Planned Modernization of Sharding and Casper


June 15, during the 40th meeting of Ethereum Core Devs, the developers of Ethereum (ETH) discussed a number of updates planned for the near future.

The meeting focused on such aspects as the redistribution of Sharding and Casper updates, which should be released as a smart contract and separate from the main updates. It is worth noting that Casper can be based on Sharding or come out as a side chain.

Sharding, the launch of which was announced in April this year, will increase the number of transactions that are simultaneously processed by Blockchain. The concept of the system is based on the fact that each node stores only part of the distributed registry, but all nodes can interact freely with each other.

Casper FFG was launched in late 2017 and was a PoS system that provides PoW for Blockchain. The system was supposed to solve “open questions of the economic conjuncture with the help of depositories of the validator and crypto-economic incentives”.

Also, in April, the launch of Hybrid Casper FFG was announced, which is intended to provide a hybrid system of consensus, which would solve the problems associated with the production of cryptocurrency. And at the moment the company intends to combine PoW and PoS, which will eventually move to PoS. As reported, as a result of the update for each block, the miners will receive not 3 ETH but 0.6 ETH.

Founder ETH, Buterin noted that the launch of new systems will increase the chain to a theoretical maximum. Also, he said that changing the updates will reduce the deposit for participation in the network from 1500 ETH to 32 ETH. Moreover, Buterin is confident that the proposed changes will allow Casper to launch without violating the Ethereum network:

“The Casper component is somewhat more separate from the main chain. That means it can be developed less intrusively in some ways, it can be developed as a separate chain and can have its own rules.”

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