Coinbase Company Announced Its Intention to Modify Its Browser Toshi Dapp


On April 13, Coinbase announced that they had purchased a Cipher Browser, which is based on Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain, and a decentralized developer of Dapp. The goal of the purchase is to improve Toshi Ethereum, which is the company’s web browser.

According to the representative of the company, the acquisition of Cipher Browser will allow the most efficient integration of Cipher functions into the company’s mobile browser Toshi, which was announced in April of last year as a digital purse for Ethereum, instant messenger and browser.

Cipher founder, Peter Kim will join the development team of Toshi.

It is reported that the company, first of all, intends to integrate the function of test networks (Testnets), which are software similar to that used by crypto-exchange platforms. This function will allow you to check new features without disrupting the performance of the platform itself.

The cryptocurrency community reacted negatively to the announcement of Coinbase, noting that the company should work on the integration of Ripple (XRP), instead of optimizing the browser for ETH.

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