South Korean Government Announces Its Decision Regarding ICO in November


According to the latest data, the South Korean government officially announces its position regarding the ICO next month. On October 11, The Investor published a report referring to a “high-ranking official” Hong-Nam-ki.

The head of the government policy coordination office, Hong-Nam-ki, said that the government had repeatedly held meetings on ICO. As soon as the discussions are completed, the government officially announces a decision regarding the status of the ICO in South Korea.

As is known, the ban on the launch and distribution of ICO was introduced in South Korea last September. Thus, local projects could not use ICO to attract investment funds.

Taking into account the fact that many companies are striving to launch ICO despite the government ban, officials have conducted studies to determine the effectiveness of ICO and identify possible risks associated with this investment format. The results of the study are reported to be ready by the end of this month.

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