Launch Of EverMarkets Will Change Market Of Futures


The launch of Blockchain EverMarkets is aimed at removing Wall Street from the market of cryptocurrency futures.

The company announced its intention to create a platform based on Blockchain. The task of the new platform is to ensure the sale and purchase of futures. Operations can be paid both with the help of cryptocurrencies and with the help of real money. Also, the platform will allow using cryptocurrency assets to pay various fees and contracts.

CEO of EverMarkets, Jimi Bai noted that they intend to create an environment where not only centralized participants can take part in buying futures. The platform will not just sell futures, but collect information on offers of purchase/sale, analyze them and compare their value in just a few minutes.

Such a platform will help to smooth out the difference between small traders and large hedge funds. According to Bai, this approach will create a system of objective pricing.

The platform will work with the ERC-20 marker, which will speed up the work of the platform, the decision-making process and the implementation of transactions.

According to Bai, the Company intends to work in co-operation with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. This means that the company intends to work not only with crypto traders but also with state-owned companies.

Also, the representative of EverMarkets noted that they believe that the platform will allow changing the position of crypto-exchange exchanges and platforms from the legislative point of view.

Also, it became known that the test version of the platform will be launched in the near future. A full version of the platform is expected to be launched in the second half of this year.

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