Head of Digital Asset Holdings Noted Big Efficiency and Benefits of Blockchain Technology


Former Executive Director of JPMorgan, Blythe Masters, is confident that “tens, if not hundreds” of Blockchain projects will have a positive impact on the commodity market and will increase the efficiency of trading operations. The statement was published in Bloomberg on October 9th.

After leaving JPMorgan, Masters founded his own company, Digital Asset Holdings, which develops software based on distributed accounting technology, including Blockchain.

Speaking about the work of his company, Mathers told representatives of the London Metal Exchange (LME) that the company is focused on working with supply chains, which, today, are too complex and do not work efficiently enough.

It is worth noting that the problem of optimizing supply chains in various fields takes a leading role in modern society. Developers are actively using Blockchain technology in the supply chain. Many large companies, such as Walmart and IBM, have developed a number of Blockchain-based supply chain tracking systems.

Despite the fact that many experts doubt that the technology is ready for use in such software, Blockchain is already effectively used by many companies, allowing you to optimize a number of different processes, reducing time and cost.

Masters said that Digital Asset Holdings is developing various Blockchain solutions for companies and financial institutions.

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