Creator of Brave Browser Filed a Complaint against Google and Their Rules for Storing User Data


Brave Internet browser, created by one of the co-founders of Mozilla, Brendan Eich, filed a complaint against Google, accusing her of violating the privacy of Ireland and the UK. The statement was published by Reuters on September 13.

Brave is an open source web browser based on Blockchain technology. The browser allows you to block advertising and tracking of websites. The browser allows you to increase the user’s privacy on the Internet.

According to the information provided, the complaint alleges that Google and their technology (adtech) use “wide-scale and systematic breaches of the data protection regime” when publishing personalized ads.

It is reported that when you visit a website, many companies get access to personal data of users, which allows you to place advertising based on the received data without the knowledge of users.

The plaintiffs appealed to European regulators with a requirement to introduce a provision into the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and conduct an appropriate investigation into Google’s data collection activities. The GDPR was created to allow users to control the dissemination of their data on the territory of the European Union and the transfer of information beyond its borders. Representative Brave, Johnny Ryan said:

“There is a massive and systematic data breach at the heart of the behavioral advertising industry. Despite the two-year lead-in period before the GDPR, adtech companies have failed to comply.”

It should be noted that despite violations of the requirements of the GDPR in the collection and dissemination of user data, Google reported that the company’s privacy protection system was developed in conjunction with the EU regulators.

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