Candidate for Governor Reported on His Intention to Turn Colorado into “Blockchain Center”


Candidate for the post of the governor of Colorado, Jared Polis published a statement on his official website, saying that Blockchain is one of the main aspects of his campaign and activities as governor in case of victory.

Polis said he intends to make Colorado “a national center for innovation in the chain of business and government purchases.” Thus, he presented a number of points on the development of technology in the framework of his election campaign.

In accordance with the points published in the program, Polis intends to pay special attention to the implementation of 5 key initiatives on the development of Blockchain, including issues of cybersecurity in elections, the creation of safe space for the cryptocurrency.

Also, Polis proposes to use technology in the field of electric power, government services and so on. In addition, he intends to conduct a survey among the population in order to identify possible areas of use of Blockchain.

In addition, Polis announced his intention to “work to establish legislation that protects ‘open blockchain tokens’ or cryptocurrencies that are exchangeable for goods and services..”

It is worth noting that Polis refers to a small number of government representatives who support the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. Earlier, he contributed to the creation of a bipartisan electorate Congress Blockchain Caucus.

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