Argo Mining Company Intends to Become the First Blockchain Company Represented on the London Stock Exchange


June 11 Business Insider reported that the mining company Argo Blockchain will be the first company using Blockchain, which will operate on the London Stock Exchange (LSE).

As soon as the company launched the service of mining contracts on its platform, Argo Blockchain announced plans for an IPO. It is worth noting that in January, this year the company attracted 2.5 million dollars of investment.

An important fact is that earlier LSE worked in the traditional sphere of finance, not interacting with Blockchain-companies.

According to the representatives of the company, Argo intends to make the production of such cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Zcash, more affordable, renting equipment. The representative of the company Jonathan Bixby said:

“More than 90 per cent of crypto-mining is done by elites on industrial scale because it is technically very difficult to do. It is incredibly expensive to buy, up front, the hardware you need at $5,000 a machine. We want to be the Amazon Web Services of crypto.”

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