Amazon, together with ConsenSys, is working on the Development of Blockchain Platforms


Amazon Web Services (AWS) reported on its collaboration with the Kaleido project for the development of ConsenSys Blockchain. On May 15, CNBC reported that the project is focused on creating an optimized cloud platform based on Blockchain technology.

The Kaleido project is cloud storage for businesses that will allow users to create platforms based on Blockchain without having to create platforms from scratch. The project uses Blockchain Ethereum technology. As it became known, the project is supported by ConsenSys, created by Joseph Lubin.

Lubin noted that by adopting such a decision, Amazon can be transformed into a full-fledged Blockchain platform. It is worth noting that AWS and previously considered options for cooperation with Kaleido, noting the high efficiency of the project in the field of Blockchain.

One of the founders of the project Steve Cerveny noted that the project is designed to help companies enter the cryptocurrency sphere using their own projects and concepts.

It is worth noting that AWS already have experience working with Blockchain technology. Earlier this year, the company launched a system based on Blockchain Ethereum (ETH) and Hyperledger Fabric, which gives users the ability to manage decentralized applications.

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