According to the New Hydro-Quebec Rules, Mine Companies must submit an Application for Receiving Electricity


On June 21, Hydro-Quebec, a power generation company, published a press release, which presents new rules for cooperation with Blockchain projects and mining companies. Under the new rules, companies will have to bid for the purchase of electricity, and report how many jobs they can allocate and what profit to receive for one megawatt.

It is reported that this mode of interaction is aimed at companies that, in addition to the previously allocated 120 megawatts, want to get additional electricity. According to the presented data, the minimum cost per kWh will be 1 Canadian cent, which is 20% more than the established cost. It is worth noting that Regie de l’energie supported the initiative of the company. Hydro-Quebec reported:

“The goal of this process is to both maximize economic spinoffs for Quebec and revenue for Hydro-Quebec – in turn, pushing electricity rates down for customers.”

It is worth noting that the decision taken is closely related to changes in the policy of Quebec and the company in relation to Blockchain-companies.

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