Bitcoin Cash Carried out a Stress Test of the System that led to a Decrease in Transaction Payments and a Cost of Coin


As BitInfoCharts reports, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network has completed more than 1 million transactions on September 1. This load is due to the stress test of the BCH system.

Bitcoin Cash transactions historical chart

Source: BitInfoCharts

According to the information provided on the BCH website, the stress test is a test developed by the BCH community. The main task of the test is to prove the system’s operability and scalability of Blockchain BCH. To perform a check, the system processes “millions of transactions with a minimum payment” during the day. Also, the stress test allows you to provide the necessary data to developers and companies working with the DApps platform on the BCH network.

The stress test was carried out 10 weeks before the scheduled system update. Presumably, the test will be conducted annually.

BitInfoCharts reports that as a result of the stress test Bitcoin Cash became the leader among the cryptocurrency in terms of the number of transactions performed within 24 hours (63% of the total volume). The second place is occupied by Ethereum (ETH).

Cryptocurrency transactions per last 24h

Source: BitInfoCharts

As the data show, for the test period, the number of transactions in one block reached 14,300 microtransactions. According to other sources, the indicator reached 25,783 microtransactions per block, which largely exceeds the standard rate of 90-150 microtransactions. For comparison, the same indicator of the Bitcoin network is 1000-1500 microtransactions per block.

Average number of BTC and BCH transactions per block chart

Source: Coin Dance

Average number of BTC and BCH transactions per block chart


Also, BitInfoCharts report that the commission for carrying out BCH transactions decreased from 0.002 dollars to 0.0017 dollars.

Bitcoin Cash average transaction fee historical chart

Source: BitInfoCharts

As the data show, the cost of BCH increased significantly after the stress test. Among the TOP-20 coins, BCH showed the greatest increase in value (3.1% during the day and 21.5% during the week). As of the end of last week, the coin was worth 635 dollars.

Bitcoin Cash price chart

Source: Coinmarketcap

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