Washington County Officials Offer New Electricity Tariff Pricing for Miners


Washington’s Chelan County Public Utility District (PUD) introduced a new pricing model for electricity for miners. According to Central Washington KPQ on November 14, this will reduce the cost of electricity in conditions of high demand.

Lindsay Mons, the utility tariff advisor, described in detail the difference between the current and proposed pricing patterns of electricity. According to her, the proposed rate system is based on the same principle, according to which electricity tariffs for miners are set now. She reported:

“What this new rate structure (Schedule 36) does is brings into it a market consideration on the energy price because we will have to purchase power on the market to serve the variable load associated with cryptocurrency.”

Chelan PUD public information officer Kimberly Craig explained that the region  “is addressing (the rate structure) in a way that captures the cost and protects the investment for the customers that are already here and invested greatly in our system.”

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