Trend Micro Detected Malware Oriented on Vulnerabilities in Bitcoin ATM


On August 7, Trend Micro, a security software manufacturer in Tokyo, announced that malware was detected in Bitcoin ATM.

According to the company’s blog, criminals can purchase malware and EMV and NFC cards for Bitcoin ATM at a cost of $ 25,000.

We remind you that EMV-chips are used by credit card providers as an alternative to magnetic strips, which allows to effectively store data. NFC, in turn, allows for wireless communication between two electronic devices, which ensures fast data exchange.

According to the data, the vulnerability found in the Bitcoin ATM system makes it possible to illegally receive BTC for $ 6750, euro or pounds. As the data shows, the software vendor received more than 100 reviews on the products offered on DarkNet.

In addition, this seller also provides an opportunity to purchase malware for ATM, developed in accordance with updated EMV standards. According to the data, the software is used to, on the basis of ATM vulnerabilities, disconnect the device from the network, which allows you to turn off the alarms. Trend Micro noted:

“As long as there is money to be made — and there is quite a bit of money in cryptocurrencies — cybercriminals will continue to devise tools and to expand to lucrative new ‘markets.’ As the number of Bitcoin ATMs grows, we can expect to see more forms of  malware targeting cryptocurrency ATMs in the future.”

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