Steve Wozniak I’m sure that in Tekhenee 10 Years Bitcoin and Blockchain Achieved the Peak of His Evolution


One of the founders of Apple, Steve Wozniak noted that the cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology has a number of undeniable advantages. The statement was made during Wozniak’s speech on WeAreDevelopers in 2018 in Vienna.

During his speech, Wozniak said that:

“[Blockchain] is the next major IT revolution that is about to happen.”

Wozniak justified such a view by the fact that Blockchain technology can offer many significant changes and innovations for the IT sphere.

Also, Wozniak is confident that the Blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency sphere will take about 10 more years to go the full path of development. It is worth noting that Wozniak, as well as Jack Dorsey, believes that in the future Bitcoin can become a single world currency.

As you know, this is not Wozniak’s first such statement regarding the cryptocurrency and Blockchain. Speaking at a conference in Las Vegas, he reported that Bitcoin outperformed the dollar and gold.

The main advantage of Bitcoin, according to Wozniak, is the fact that there is a limited number of coins and, unlike real currencies, new coins cannot be created.

Despite its support for the cryptocurrency area, Wozniak reported that he sold all his Bitcoin, leaving only one coin. This decision is justified by the fact that Wozniak does not intend to constantly monitor changes in prices for cryptocurrency and become an investor.

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