Ledger Reported on Its Intention to Attract 1 Billion Investments Dollars from Major Technology Companies


The manufacturer of hardware wallets Ledger reported that in 2017 it was sold more than a million cryptocurrency wallets. As reported by Forbes on July 9, the company’s profit was $ 29 million.

The company reportedly raised $ 75 million in investments with the support of the Draper Esprit venture fund. The company said that this year they intend to attract even more investment.

Ledger President Pascal Gauthier said that despite the fact that the previous round of investments was focused on venture capital, during the new round the company intends to attract industrial partners, which will also enable it to sign commercial contracts.

It is reported that companies such as Samsung, GV and Siemens have already shown interest in Ledger and intend to invest in the company in the future, so, according to forecasts, the number of investments can reach $ 1 billion.

Also, Gauthier said that the new product Ledger Vault focused on retail investors and hedge funds, already aroused great interest and attracted many customers.

In addition to the new product, Ledger entered into a partnership agreement with the Japanese bank Nomura Bank to work to improve the security of institutional investors in the cryptocurrency area. The joint project of Komainu will create a secure cryptocurrency environment that will meet the needs of institutional investors.

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