In Japan, 16 people were arrested for Suspicion in Cryptojacking


The Asahi Shimbun news agency reported that the prosecutor’s office of the 10 prefectures in Japan began criminal proceedings against 16 suspects who are probably involved in the illegal production of cryptocurrency by capturing someone else’s equipment (cryptojacking).

According to the data, the suspects allegedly installed malware on the computers of the victims, which allowed the use of equipment for the production of cryptocurrency. To distribute the software, specially created websites were used.

It is reported that 16 men of different ages (from 18 to 48) are going through the case. The first suspects were detained back in March this year.

The largest amount that the suspect managed to get is $ 1,084. Criminals received about 70%, while the remaining 30% were transferred to Coinhive, whose software was used to extract coins.

Professor Hisashi Sonoda, who specializes in cybercrime, said that these arrests could be considered excessive measures on the part of the police since previously there was no case like this in the country.

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