Fortune Published a Rating of “40 Under 40”, Including in the List of 5 Most Significant Personalities of the Cryptocurrency Sphere


July 19 Fortune published a rating of “40 Under 40”, which presents the most successful young businessmen this year. It should be noted that the list includes the five most famous cryptocurrency developers.

For the third consecutive year, Vitalik Buterin, who is the co-founder of Ethereum (ETH), takes a place in the ranking. Reportedly, Buterin took the 22nd place in the list and was recognized as one of the best businessmen in the cryptocurrency that created the second largest token. It is worth noting that last year Buterin took the 10th place in the rating, and a year earlier – 31st.

The head of the US Coinbase Cryptocurrency Company, Brian Armstrong, took the 20th place in the list. As you know, Armstrong also got into the rating “40 Under 40”, taking 10th place in 2017.

The 25th place in the rating was given to the Russian developer Pavel Durov. We remind you that Durov is the founder of the popular social network VKontakte and messenger Telegram, which attracted 200 million users around the world. In March this year, Durov launched the Telegram ICO, earning 1.7 billion dollars of investment.

The 24th place was shared by Vlad Tenev and Baji Bhatt, co-founders of the Robinhood application, which in February this year launched a zero-rate cryptocurrency platform. The project attracted more than 360 million dollars in investments and became one of the most significant Fintech projects in the USA.

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