The Australian Platform Bitcoin.Com.Au reported that Former Executive Director of PwC will take the Position of the Exchange CEO


The Australian crypt-exchange platform reported that Ben Ingram, formerly executive director of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), will occupy the position of the company’s CEO. The statement was published in Business Insider Australia today, July 12.

Ingram, who served as director of digital strategy at PwC, retired from office in the spring of this year.

As reported, having started work at, Ingram will deal with issues of improving the financial capabilities of the platform, as well as expanding financial products based on cryptocurrency.

Ingram noted that the company intends to work on the creation of crypto investment products in various fields, including pension provision. He also said that the creation of crypto-oriented funds could “perhaps [be] a hedge against poorly managed central bank currencies.”

Ingram noted that is not quite a full-fledged crypto-exchange platform and is rather a gateway service, allowing users to enter the Bitcoin realm and exit it. As is known, today the platform provides services for working with Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH), but in the future, as Ingram assures, other cryptocurrencies will be added to the platform.

Ingram also said that he is personally interested in the development and use of cryptocurrency technologies, such as distributed registers. According to him, these technologies are rapidly developing and in the future can be used in many areas:

“We know this tech doesn’t have a dead-end. While the evolutionary path hasn’t been fully determined, I think there’s enough evidence that there is a path.”

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