600 Equipment Units for the Production of Cryptocurrency from Case in Iceland Was Found in China


On May 5, it became known that some of the equipment that appeared in the Icelandic cryptocurrency case earlier this year may be in China. After 600 pieces of equipment were found in the Chinese city of Tianjin, Icelandic police filed an official request for the transfer of equipment to local authorities.

It is reported that the number of devices found in China fully corresponds to the number of devices that disappeared in Iceland in January. We remind you that the suspects, in this case, were detained in Iceland in February.

It should be noted that 600 units of the detected equipment are only a part of the equipment that appears in the case. The rest is still not found. The total cost of equipment is about 2 million dollars. The Icelandic police monitor electricity consumption in the country to identify the missing equipment, but so far unsuccessfully. It is worth noting that this is the way the equipment was found in China.

As it became known, the police of China still did not give an answer to the request of the police of Iceland.

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